SHTL 115 Kiln

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Shtl.115 for use on a single phase 220v/230v 40 amp supply.
Available in two firing chamber sizes
Maximum design temperature – 1300°c
Steel stove enamel outer casing and castor wheels
Efficient low thermal mass brickwork
High grade spiral wound elements
Fully compliant captive key electro mechanical interlock system
Vent cooling plugs for lid and sidewall
Instrument socket to accept all controllers in our range
Internal Dimensions 446mm dia x 703 high
External Dimensions 610mm x wide x 800mm deep x 965 high
Weight 64kg
Kw 230v 7.5kW
Kiln furniture sets available.

The Harrier range makes use of cladding and low thermal mass brickwork, and also offers a choice of digital controller systems which allow for more precision when firing ceramic products.

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Weight 10000 g

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