Super Satin Ceramic Sealer

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Brighten colors and protect the finish of your nonfired project with this clear satin formula.

Quite apart from its function as color-brightening, hard protective finish, add dimension to decorating with nonfired products by multiplying the techniques you can use with the already versatile nonfired colors and accessory products. This Satin Ceramic Spray Sealer can be used over, under and between all Duncan nonfired colors, depending upon the desired finished results and the technique used.

In antiquing techniques where the bright, original colors of the acrylic base colors are desired, spray on a coat of Clear Satin before antiquing. This intermediate coat will prevent the usual toning down of the original color when antiquing. Satin Spray Sealer is well suited as a final finish over drybrushed items.

How to use Spray Sealers:
1. Shake can well before each use.
2. Holding can upright, 8-12 inches from surface, spray with slow, even motion.
3. Surface should have overall wet look, but don’t spray too heavily to avoid sags and drips.
4. Wipe valve clean.
Tips & Techniques:
1. After spraying, turn can upside down and spray until only cleargas appears.
2. If spray stops or is irregular, twist off spray head and clean.
3. Test spray on cardboard first to prevent sputtering.

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