Dirty Girl Bat System with 10 inserts

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Round Bat measures 320mm in diameter x 13mm depth (12.5″ x 1/2″ depth)

2 x pre-drilled holes 28mm from edge and 10mm in diameter.

Suitable to fit most Shimpo and Bailey wheels. (This bat system does not fit Shimpo Aspire wheels)

Comes with a set of 10 bats measuring 7.5″ in diameter / 190mm


Caring for your new Bat System:

Do not wash: It’s the key to keeping your inserts from swelling. Let it all be dirty. You can wipe your clay off when you’ve finished throwing, but the less water you’ve got on it when outside the master bat, the better.

Do not stack the inserts: If possible, store them on their side.

If inserts swell: Let them completely dry out (either over several days or a couple of hours in a 95°C oven). If this doesn’t fix their fit, then lightly sand the edges as needed.

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Weight 4000 g