Kittec CB 60 kiln

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The kilns of the KITTEC CB Studio Line are manufactured only in small numbers and offer a very good price-performance relation. This series is the re-design of the very successful CB series with which KITTEC started the toploader series as the first one in Europe in 1979.

  • Kilns ready to be connected with cable and plug
  • Easy to handle control with over-heating protection
  • Detailed manual
  • Thermo-elements for finding out the temperature are safely embedded
  • Lid and body mortar-free,thus no contamination and no dunting
  • High-quality microtherm-insulation for all CB Plus; two-zone insulation without ceramic fibres for all other models
  • Optional: air-supply control handle on the floor + air-hole in the floor + drip pan

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Weight 1000000 g