TKJ (Tom Knowles Jackson) Throwing & Handbuilding Body

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  • Recommended firing range 1200-1300C / Cone 6 to 11
  • Indicative texture 4 (Smooth 1-Coarse 10)
  • Indicative % Total Contraction @ 1200C 10%
  • A versatile clay for use on the wheel and in hand-building
  • Developed in collaboration with Tom Knowles Jackson with properties specifically suited to throwing on a momentum wheel.
  • The clay is responsive to work with on a slow moving wheel yet retains the plasticity necessary for full bellied forms and larger vessels and has excellent green strength.
  • Fires to a gentle warm brown in reduction and a golden buff in oxidation.
  • Contains 8% of BS Mesh -30’s grog/sand.
  • Standard full bag size 12.5Kg

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Weight 12500 g